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Matti Martin Goldsmith


Rooted in tradition yet brave in design, Matti Martin’s designs pair gold and platinum with Canadian diamonds.
Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Matti began his goldsmith career in 1998 after completing two and a half years of formal training and studies in the fine arts. During his four years of apprenticeship he sold his pieces through a variety or galleries and venues across Canada until he and his wife Trisha moved to the Okanagan where they opened their first store with studio. 
The summer of 2011 witnessed their store grand opening and Matti Martin Goldsmith quickly and confidently began to carve out a name for themselves back in Winnipeg. They are located at 159 Lilac street amongst other boutiques, spas and cafes. 
Matti specializes in customized pieces, working with the client to create something individual, something distinctive. His work is thoughtful and personal, making a statement through its elegance and its contemporary nature.